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Useful Tools for Musicians

Several tools are available for musicians to improve their overall hustle and progress in their hustle. This article shares 6 Useful Tool for Musicians. I use all these tools so it's first hand recommendations. If you'd prefer to watch this Youtube, click here.


Tubebuddy is "your best friend on the road to youtube success". If it wasn't for Tubebuddy, I don't think my Youtube channel would've grown as it has. Tubebuddy is a research, optimization and guide for Youtube content. It helps with selecting relevant keywords for your videos as well as recommendations to help speed things up. It also gives you other research tool but if you're serious about Youtube. Tubebuddy is something you have to get. They've also got a free extension for you to test it out. You can try Tubebuddy here.

2. Distrokid

Distrokid is digital aggregator which basically means they get your music onto Spotify, Apple music and other digital music stores. They've also added several value added features to differentiate them better but the two reason I use them is because, they have unlimited releases for a single annual fee. You can sign up for distrokid here. It's an affiliate link so I get a kickback too.

3. Aweber for a Mailing List

Aweber is mailing list service to help you keep in touch with your audience. The reason I use it over other services is because it's affordable and the automated message full helps keep new subscribers in the loop longer. You can sign up for Aweber here.

4. SongTrust

Songtrust tracks your musical works worldwide. Whereas your PRO (SAMRO, BMI, ASCAP) may be able to collect your performance royalties, mechanical royalties, particularly from streaming, go uncollected. Songtrust helps collect those royalties. The also simplify your registration process. Instead of registering manually yourself with all these entities for the different royalties, Songtrust does it for you. Click here to sign up for SongTrust. Here's a Songtrust discount code to get $10 off: 205099a-wNe.

5. Canva or PaintDotNet

Both these tools offer image editing and have free versions. I use PaintDotNet for most of my image needs as it's simple and not so CPU intense.... and it's free. Canva is a good alternative too and has a free mobile app so try it out.

Overall, these tools work well when they are kept together by a website as the main place where your content lives. There are several tools for setting up a website, just head over to google to view your options.

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