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Jumped On A Plane And Wrote This EP 2 - #JOAPAWTEP2

After completing his Irish master’s in sustainable energy, Skill (@SkillMusicSA), returned to Cork, Ireland and crafted his forthcoming EP, Jumped On A Plane and Wrote This EP 2 which will be available on the 13th August 2021. Join the mailing list to get notified about all thing #JOAPAWTEP2

01. UseDublin
Jumped On A Plane & Wrote This EP2 (Website Version).jpg

UseDublin is a Kwaito throwback with a modern spin to leave you tapping your feet. The call-and-response track is driven by a vibing Xhosa vocal, a thumbing bass and a catchy melody. For those that don’t speak Xhosa, the song is saying “Skill is in Dublin”.


I wrote this song while I was going through some photos of my first few days in Dublin, Ireland. This was before the whole lockdown vibe too. I had my first Ireland brewed Guinness, beautiful stuff I tell you. Make sure you listen to this one close to a pint… 😉

02. I Like Chicken Too

Beef, Pork, Lamb Chops, I don’t like all of them, I Like Chicken! If there’s one thing I absolutely love… almost as much as music… it’s Chicken… All type of Chicken. This is actually a remix to my most streamed song, I Like Chicken from the first #JOAPAWTEP.


What I learnt from this song is that it’s great to perform. It’ll make you wonder what on earth is happening with me but at the same time, you’ll understand how much I LOVE CHICKEN. So next time you’re ordering Chicken, don’t forget to post it on your story and use I Like Chicken Too!

03. On This Plane

On This Plane was recorded when Chelsea (The Champions of Europe) won the UEFA champions league. After several celebratory drAnks… I texted my ex and wrote On This Plane.

You can kinda hear that my voice had a few dranks. I must admit that it’s also inspired by some serial Emo Trap music binging I had been doing that week.

04. People Smile

People Smile is a happy song inspired by my February release, Family First. I was trying my best to stay away from bleak music considering the world was already going through the most with Rona and all.


So I hope this happy go luck, free spirit song makes you smile!

05. Not Coming Home

Not Coming Home is another track inspired by the local Irish brew. This song is inspired by “That’s My Home” by Marvin Gaye. The song is also a call-and-response, sing-along type of song.


It’s also the lead single of my project. So there’s a high chance you’ll hear this single on South African radio.


You might notice that the song where I sing the whole way are under the influence.

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