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Music by SkillMusicSA

Dinner For 1 - 21 March 2022

Dinner for One.png

Dinner For 1, as the title suggests, is an RnB-style declaration of a journey alone as time ticks on. Skill expresses his dissatisfaction at waiting for love while suggesting ready to settle for whoever is next.

My Queen - 07 February 2023

Artboard 1.png

A song about lost love and missing love, My Queen may be the most vulnerable track by Skill. The original version was made in 2012 and was Skill's first lead single to be aired on radio. 

Jumped On A Plane And Wrote This EP 2 - 13 August 2021

Jumped On A Plane & Wrote This EP2 (Website Version).jpg

After completing his Irish master’s in sustainable energy, Skill (@SkillMusicSA), returned to Cork, Ireland and crafted his EP, Jumped On A Plane and Wrote This EP 2, which will be available on the 13th August.

Family First - 26 February 2021

Family First (500 x 500).jpg

Family First is a fun, happy and positive song about family. Written while Skill was sick with Covid 19, Family First is an appreciation of my family for always being there for me.

Chill Out (ft. Jade Garisch) - 26 January 2021 

Chill Out (600x600).jpeg

Chill Out is a pop track with Jade Garisch. A fun song remind you to not take yourself and life in general so seriously, just Chill Out. Chill Out was inspired by Timbaland and Nelly Furtado.

Keep Up To Date

Release Me - 29 July 2020

Official Artwork 2 (600x600).jpg

Release Me is a song about lost love and revisiting emotions that want to be released but reluctantly so. Release Me was creating while Skill was writing his Master's Degree.

Under The Influence, Vol.1 - Instrumental EP - 30 June 2020 

Under The Influence 2 wt Alt.jpg

Under The Influence Vol.1 is a hiphop Lo-Fi instrumental ep made for easy listening when you just need to chill and vibe out to some background hiphop.

The Missing Keys, Vol. 4 - 25 April 2020

The Missing Keys Vol.4 (Small for Web).jpg

The Missing Keys Vol.4 is a calm, relaxing piano EP created by Skill. It was created for people who spend long hours behind the PC to help them concentrate or relax while going about their tasks.

Other Releases

So Hard - 31 March 2020

So Hard (800 x 800).jpg

TBH - 31 March 2020

TBH Artwork (500 x 500).jpg

Rebound - 15 July 2019

Rebound_Artwork (500x500).jpg

I'm Good (feat KuSs Diverse)

I'm Good.jpg

The Missing Keys Series

The Missing Keys, Vol.1


The Missing Keys, Vol.2

The_Missing_Keys_Vol2 (Small).jpg

The Missing Keys, Vol.3

The_Missing_Keys_Vol.3 (Small).jpg

More Releases

Sing Along (2019)

Sing Along - Option 2 (Smaller).jpg

Heart of Me (2017)

Heart Of Me(Small).jpg

Jumped On A Plane And Wrote This EP (2016)

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