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Figuring Out The SA Music Industry

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I created a video series called "Figuring Out The SA Music Industry" to help my fellow South African Musicians to improve on their music business. I share informative videos to help navigate the business side of music in the South African Context. Topics covered include SAMRO, RISA, Capasso and SAMPRA and other royalty collecting methods. - Don't forget to subscribe.

How To Submit Music to South African Radio Stations

How To Submit Music to South African Radio Stations

How to submit your music to South African radio stations This video explains the process I use to submit to radio stations in South Africa. I've had success using this method with radio stations such as TruFM, GoodHope FM, 5Fm and Umhlobo Wenene FM and I think sharing this could help other independent musicians. To join Whatsapp Mailing Group List: If that one gets full, there might be space in one of these ⬇ List 3: List 2: List 1: Mini-Course: Understaing Music Publishing in South Africa What To Do Once You've Registered With SAMRO Song Trust Affiliate Links: Discount Code: 205099a-wNe Distrokid Affiliate Links: Download FREE Samro Online Registration Guide: What is SAMPRA and Why You Should Register: How To Register with SAMPRA: SAMRO, RISA, SAMPRA and Capasso Explained: If you want to support me for the free info, please use this link to register for distrokid and get your music onto iTunes and Spotify: Feel free to contact me here: Email: Whatsapp: +27835709602
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