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5 Essential Audiobooks for Launching a Successful Record Label

Starting a record label involves both creative vision and a strong grasp of the business side of music. To help you navigate these waters, here are five essential Audiobooks that cover a range of necessary topics, from the legal aspects to marketing strategies:

Widely regarded as one of the best resources for understanding the complexities of the music industry, this book by entertainment lawyer Donald S. Passman covers everything from record deals to royalties. The latest edition includes updates on digital streaming, copyright laws, and new business models in music, making it invaluable for anyone looking to start a record label.

While targeted at musicians, this audiobook is equally valuable for label owners. Herstand provides a modern look at the industry from the perspective of an indie artist, which can be crucial for small label operators looking to understand their clients' needs and perspectives.

This audiobook is aimed at musicians but provides excellent tips on marketing and business strategies that can be applied to running a record label. It focuses on the mindset and strategies needed to succeed in today's digital music world.

Weisman’s guide focuses on the logistics of a music career, offering insights that are directly applicable to managing and promoting a record label. It covers topics from production to branding to marketing, providing a well-rounded perspective that will help you build and manage your business effectively.

Scott Orr provides a practical, day-by-day plan to start your own music label in just one month. This guide simplifies the process, focusing on the essentials of legal setup, artist acquisition, and marketing strategies, making it an excellent resource for beginners.

These books collectively offer a thorough overview of the necessary knowledge to start and run a successful record label, combining foundational business practices with insights into the evolving nature of the music industry.

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