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Creativity Doesn't Stop With Music

It's a Sunday and my temperature compass pointed me to the beach and I bump into two beggars. The first beggar was sitting down, half asleep with a tin/container in his hand. "Wassup” I said to the guy and carried on going towards the beach. I didn't give him anything and felt a little guilty, but on to the Indian ocean I went.

50 metres later I bumped into another beggar as I was crossing the road. This beggar looked slightly cleaner with his container strapped to his stomach. He was dancing in between the cars and when he saw an open window he approached and popped some jokes. His success rate was probably 99% more than the first beggar. His attitude was visibly much better than the previous beggar but more relevant to me, he was more creative in his approach to getting money.

How does this relate to being a musician?

You are probably well aware that there are A LOT of people trying to get their music out. The market is full of musicians targeting the exact same people you are trying to target. The only way to stand out is to approach and deliver your art differently and CREATIVELY.

Everyone around you IS posting on Facebook; spam-n-tagging everyone and putting a datashare link. How is that remotely creative if everyone is doing it? There is nothing stopping you from recording a video of yourself rapping and your best friend “Joe Soap” beatboxing about your favourite lecturer/teacher. This will be a more targeted marketing strategy and will get reactions from people who know the lecturer and your classmates and even alumni (past pupils) may listen. If the person was a “legend” then the song/video may even go “micro-viral” at your institution.

People like relating to posts. If your last post about your poodle got a reaction, then make sure to note it and use it in your marketing strategy for later. Document all the posts that got people to get involved and use them as they'll relate. Spamming doesn't work so resist... no... DON'T DO IT.

If you have any other creative marketing ideas and would like someone to bounce off of, give me a shout on whatsapp 083 570 9602 or send me an email .


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