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5 Ways to Improve as a Musician

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

With the abundance of software and budget gear it has become increasingly easier to become a computer based music maker. Once you get the basics of recording, editing and mixing you might find yourself in a rut, “Where to next?”

The fight for continuous growth isn’t easy and trying different ways of improving is a must. Here are five ways to help you improve:

1. Collaborate

Find local musicians to work with and learn from them. If you are the more advanced muso, pass on what knowledge you can. Making music on the computer can end up being an isolated experience. That shouldn't stop you from working with like-minded musos by inviting them to the studio, internet exchanges or even take part in a collaborative project. Working with different artists will also allow you to tap into the other artists' fanbases.

2.Learn to play an instrument

Sometimes, nothing is better than a little change of music environment. Making music on a different instrument than normal gets the creative juices mixed differently. I needed to get a harmonica on an instrumental, Harp. The most rewarding thing was to be able to add the Harmonica that I learnt how to play. I'm still learning but I found that it added a completely different dimension to the way I produced. This could be what you need to add some original flavour to your productions.

If you don't play an instrument at all, learning an instrument will help you create different melodies, chord progressions and some theory. Diving into theory is also another worthwhile investment.

3.Setup a music account on Soundcloud &Reverbnation

Once you feel like it's time to get people to hear your work then I suggest that you set up a soundcloud and reverbnation account.

People will be able to add comments and you may even get some new followers. The main objective of these sites has changed from being a platform of positive criticism and connecting with other artists to one of statistic hunting (getting downloads and streams). I advise going for both but lean more on the initial goal, to meet, connect and work with similar artists. Also having a place to direct traffic helps a lot. Make sure everything uses the same name to make it easier for you remember it. For more information about branding, click here.

4.Don't Stop Learning

No matter how seasoned you are in music, it's impossible to stop learning. There are numerous tutorials on Youtube, Macvideopro and magazine's to help you enhance your skills. Another great way to learn is to read the help menu. As a reason user, the help menu is my best friend.

Choose a device, vst or plugin and read what all the functions do. No matter what device, listen to how the device is effected by what you've read. Instead of using presets 100% of the time, try create a sound or mold the preset to give you a more unique character. If you are a rapper, then reading and enhancing your vocabulary is a way to keep expanding in your craft.

5.Get A Mentor

A sure way to improve your skills is to get a mentor. I had a short time mentor who was able to get me valuable reading material for my mixing & mastering. A mentor isn't necessarily someone who is better than you but someone you can get knowledge from. Everyone in this music business has a view, idea or method of doing things, you never know what you can learn from someone.

There has to be at least another five more ways to help you improve. Let me know what you've done to improve yourself on whatsapp 0835709602 or via email .


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