Jumped On A Plane and Wrote This EP 2 - 13 August 2021
This EP is inspired by my travels and year in Ireland

After completing his Irish master’s in sustainable energy, Skill (@SkillMusicSA), returned to Cork, Ireland and crafted his forthcoming EP, Jumped On A Plane and Wrote This EP 2 which will be available on the 13th August.


Partially funded by the SAMRO Music Foundation, the project #JOAPAWTEP2 is a hip hop project that combines elements of travel excitement, a deep love for chicken and a touch of South Africa. Sonically diverse, the project starts with a bass-driven, Xhosa-rapped, Kwaito-inspired work, “UseDublin” and ends with an alternative hip hop inspired track, “Not Coming Home”.

Skill had this to say about the project: “People know I love to travel, chicken and chicken. This project pays homage to my Eastern Cape, South African roots while also updating people on my travels… and love for chicken.”


Fully produced by Skill himself, Skill showcases his creativity with intricate piano trickle ever-present in the project. With #JOAPAWTEP2 on the horizon, Skill looks set to entertain audiences locally and in Ireland for the rest of 2021.



-This project was partially funded by The SAMRO Music Foundation and the Skam (Skill Family)

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