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5 Social Media “No-Nos” for Musicians

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

With the major leaps in technology and social media in particular, it has become easier for musicians to get their music to different parts of the world. However, this has also lead to an increase in poor social media behaviour. Below are some things that musicians should consider letting go of in order to not be grouped with the flock.

1) Unauthorised Spam-Tagging

Uploading a cover art and tagging as many people as a site will allow you is a sure way to alienate an audience, annoy people and get you blocked or even worse, temporarily suspended from a site. The least you can do is ask someone to tag them. I found that getting people to share your post is more effective than tagging them. So spend time talking to your intended fanbase and persuade them to share your music.

2) Group Spam/ Link Dropping

A huge thing in the music groups that I'm a part of is to post some generic message. A copy-n-pasted "listen here" message from their status at best and hoping that it'll work. There are about 20 other people that have posted something similar within the last week. Most of the time people just turn off the notifications of this group and the group becomes a useless, dead group. Nothing is wrong with posting in these groups but the spam-like messages must fall.

3) Bragging

If you've reached 1000 plays in one hour, bragging never tastes good to every other musician who is struggling to get 100 plays. The worst is if the song isn't really good but you put some good marketing strategies to get them to that amount. Being humble will get you a lot more respect from your peers. Last tip, everyone loves the underdog, if anything get those sympathy interactions on the content you upload.

4) Pestering

This is very closely linked to spamming. Dumping your link on all your friend's inbox with no communication is another annoying thing that will achieve the same outcome as point number 1. You might also alienate a potential lead for feedback which is something most upcoming musician's need. Worst case scenario is that you'll become known for being that spamming artist and nobody will even give you a chance because you abused that bridge 10 links ago. Be social on social media, interact and nurture those listeners.

5) Dissing People Behind Their Backs

With social media, it's easy to get people to read what you have to say. Dissing or bad mouthing another person/artist is another way to alienate your audience.

The worst part is dissing someone plainly because they are achieving more from a track that you consider “worse” than your material. I recommend you talk to the person and try and get knowledge of how they got what they got. That way you can try implement there tactics and “catch up”.

Social media is a very powerful tool if used with care. Whether you are one of the 1000 plays in a day people or a 100 plays in a year person, let's chat on whatsapp at 0835709602 or email me at


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